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Article 907 of the Civil Code - Purpose and function

Article 907 of the Civil Code constitutes a "misunderstood" provision, which has been criticized as few in the civil code. Nevertheless, the analysis of its purpose and function highlights its key role in preventing unethical transactions in addition to the equally key provision of Article 178 of the Civil Code. Both deny the protection of the rule of law in […]


Provision of security interest on restricted shares pursuant to Article 43 of Law 4548/2018

The present study examines the question of whether the restrictions on the transfer of shares set by the articles of association of a limited company pursuant to Article 43 of Law 4548/2018 also cover the provision of security over the shares in the form of either a pledge or a security (trust) transfer. In case of an affirmative answer, the owner of the restricted shares is not allowed to set up security over them [...]

Establishing a Representation Office in Greece

Pursuant to Law 89/1967, as currently in force, a foreign company can establish a Representative Office (hereinafter “Rep. Office”) in Greece under the following conditions: i. A permit by the Ministry of Development is required. Usually, the permit is issued after two (2) months upon filing of the application provided that the supporting documentation of […]

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